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In order to provide the greatest care for our patients, SEHA recognizes the value of healthcare professionals collaborating across all clinical and support services. Regardless of the need, each patient will receive comprehensive healthcare guidance thanks to our integrated healthcare system.

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Anesthesia Obstetrics

Obstetric anesthesia is a specialized branch of anesthesiology that is dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of expectant mothers during the peripartum period, which encompasses the time directly preceding, during, and following childbirth. Our healthcare organization takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of obstetric anesthesia services to meet the unique needs of this important life event.One fundamental aspect of our services is labor pain management. We provide a 24-hour Epidural service, ensuring that mothers have access to effective pain relief options during labor. We also offer a variety of alternative pain management methods, tailoring our approach to individual preferences and requirements.For cesarean deliveries, our skilled team specializes in providing anesthesia that induces a controlled state of unconsciousness, ensuring a painless and safe procedure when necessary.Our commitment to exceptional care extends throughout the entire childbirth journey. We are proud to offer a Consultant-Led Labor Ward Service, with experienced consultants available around the clock to provide expert care and support throughout the labor process.We empower expectant mothers with knowledge through prenatal patient education classes, with a specific focus on pain management during labor.Recognizing that some pregnancies may involve higher levels of risk, we have established specialized Pre-Surgery and High-Risk Maternity Anesthesia Assessment Clinics. These clinics ensure that anesthesia requirements are carefully evaluated and tailored to each individual, prioritizing safety and comfort.Our goal is to provide the highest standards of care, ensuring a safe and comfortable childbirth experience for both mother and baby.