Wednesday, 2023-05-24

SEHA reopens Tawam Hospital’s Breast Care Center in Al Ain following extensive maintenance and renovation

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 24 May 2023: The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the biggest healthcare network, and a subsidiary of PureHealth – the UAE’s largest integrated healthcare platform – has announced the reopening of Tawam Hospital’s Breast Care Center. Following an extensive renovation, the hospital’s breast care center is now one of the best-equipped in the UAE to offer comprehensive services to women, from screening and diagnostic imaging to delicate surgical and post-surgical care. Capacity at the center has been increased, with more private rooms and new equipment. Saeed Jaber Al Kuwaiti, CEO of SEHA, said: “We, at SEHA, are committed to facilitating access to leading healthcare facilities that meet the highest international healthcare standards to ensure quality treatments and services for the people of Abu Dhabi. The recent development embodies the wise vision and direction of the UAE’s leadership, providing citizens and residents with state-of-the-art medical welfare. It also aligns with the mission of PureHealth to transform Abu Dhabi and UAE into the land of longevity where people can live longer, healthier, and fuller lives.” Dr Sultan Al Karam, CEO of Al Ain Region at SEHA, said: “The renovation of the center is part of SEHA’s goals to provide advanced healthcare for the residents of Abu Dhabi and promote health projects that serve the people and create a healthy society. The Breast Care Center at Tawam Hospital has been accredited by the American College of Surgeons outside the United States, as a unique regional model in medical services and healthcare, which SEHA has developed to promote inclusivity and integration in health services.” Khalid Balaraj, Chair of Oncology Services at Tawam Hospital, said: “At the center, we pursue excellence and quality in services, to provide integrated healthcare with the highest international standards of quality and safety, and to build an advanced health system that keeps pace with the highest international standards in medical quality and customer service.” “As we focus on offering personalized care to every patient, our goal with the renovation was to expand capacity, so the center now has private rooms, equipped with the latest international technologies, to ensure the comfort and privacy of all patients,” Balaraj added. Tawam Hospital's Breast Care Center is a unique and comprehensive unit in the UAE, opening in 2007, and working to restore and rebuild the breast after a mastectomy, often as a result of cancer, using a range of cosmetic procedures. The center provides many comprehensive medical services, including preventive, educational, diagnostic, therapeutic, and cosmetic services, in addition to genetic testing. Surgical and non-surgical consultations, clinical examinations, digital mammography, breast ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging are among the services available, with a highly qualified multidisciplinary team of highly qualified doctors, radiologists, surgeons, nurses and social workers specializing in multiple sampling techniques for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Continuous follow-up and emotional support to patients is also available from the center, as is the diagnosis and treatment of a range of breast diseases, with a mobile mammography unit available for outpatient clinics in Al Ain, as well as strategic partners throughout the region. As part of PureHealth, SEHA’s redevelopment of the Breast Care Center at Tawam Hospital contributes to the Group’s overall commitment to building a holistic healthcare ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and beyond. Through SEHA and its other subsidiaries within the robust integrated platform, PureHealth is committed to delivering outcome-focused, world-class quality across all channels of healthcare with a mandate to futureproof the healthcare system locally and beyond.